Ásgeir Helgi



Here's a collection of a few videos I've shot and edited. I do all kinds of projects and jobs so the genres will vary a lot from video to video. I'm up for any type of video so if you want to hire me for a job, just contact me and we'll figure it out!

Aldrei Fór Ég Suður 2018

This is my absolute favourite music festival ever. This is an annual festival where all kinds of music genres come together at a family friendly event which is run almost solely on the support of volunteers. It's a free two day event and this video is a brief overview of the whole thing.


Une Misère @ Aldrei Fór Ég Suður 2018

One of my favourite bands to perform at AFÉS 2018 and this was their intro song. Their high energy performance and stage presence is great video material.


The beauty of the westfjords, Iceland

We didn't have many projects we had to finish so we decided to go out on a snowmobile for a fun day and of course, the cameras came with us.

The weather was insanely beautiful so I'll keep it short. Watch the video and you'll see the incredible landscape we live in!

Aldrei Fór Ég Suður Press Event

When Aldrei Fór Ég Suður were announcing the lineup for the 2018 festival, they invited press to be there, cover the event and have a fun day together with lots of activities. I tagged along and filmed it. This is a proper way to treat the press!

Svava Rún - Beautiful Lies (Birdy cover)

Svava is a local teenager who's a talented singer. She won a singing contest and we decided to throw together a live performance of the song she performed at the contest.

Isabel Hede - Moon Piece

The lovely Isabel Hede from Australia (living in London) visited Ísafjörður and she wanted to record a couple of songs on violin. She came to me and after a brief chat, we decided to shoot a video as well.

The video was shot in the old church in Holt, Önundarfjörður as well as just outside the church. 


First sun of the year 2018

My hometown of Ísafjörður is surrounded by mountains so during peak winter time, the sun isn't visible. It just doesn't go above the mountaintops. We have about 2 months of no sun at all. We have some daylight but the sun doesn't shine on us, unless you climb up the mountains.

Anyways, on January 25th each year, the sun manages to show for a few minutes and I went out to capture my town in all of it's glory at that time of year.

Flying over Flateyri, Iceland

This was only my second time flying a drone but it was great fun. I'll make sure to do an updated version of this once I've improved my flying skills. 

Still, it show's a beautiful scenery and a small town called Flateyri!


freyja - RAW

A quick video I shot with freyja one evening. It's all one take live where I recorded the audio as well.

Killer song, have a listen!


Gísla saga Haukadal Dýrafirði

Oh just a viking and his people gathering for dinner like they did in the old days!


Sheep herding in Dýrafjörður, Iceland

Have you seen sheep herding in Iceland? No? Have a look at this quick video where you can see the crazy action!